Versatility Certificate Program

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Versatility Chairperson

Freda Burks

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As stated in its By-laws, the Basset Hound Club of America, Inc., was formed to do everything possible to bring the natural qualities of purebred Basset Hounds to perfection and to do everything in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed and to encourage sportsmanlike competition. Basset hounds compete in conformation dog shows, field trials and hunt tests, tracking tests, agility trials, and obedience and rally trials.

In accordance with this, the Basset Hound Club of America, Inc. (BHCA), has established the VERSATILITY CERTIFICATE (VC) PROGRAM and is making available Versatility Certificates to BHCA member/owners of Basset Hounds who meet the eligibility requirements.

When an application has been approved by the Versatility Chairperson, the Basset Hound’s and its owner’s name(s) will be published in Tally-Ho, and the owner may use the initials “VC” after the dog’s name in advertising and in publications. It should be noted that this is a BHCA title, so it should not be used on entry forms for American Kennel Club (AKC) events.

The purpose of this program is to provide an incentive to encourage Basset Hound owners to have their dog participate in multiple fields of endeavor such as the following:

AKC conformation shows, to display an acceptance of the breed standard as approved by AKC as the only conformation standard of excellence for the breed. (Neutered/spayed dogs ineligible to compete in AKC conformation may earn a BHCA Conformation Certificate to be applied towards requirements in the Versatility program; click here to download an MSWord file with more information about the BHCA Conformation Certificate.)

AKC field trials, AKC tracking tests, or BHCA hunting tests, to demonstrate consistency in scent work.

AKC obedience, rally, or agility trials or therapy work to demonstrate that the Basset Hound is a useful and reliable partner to mankind.



Versatility Certificate (VC) – Two Options

Option 1

Earn eleven (11) VC points from a minimum of 3 of the following disciplines: conformation, field trialing/hunt test, tracking, agility, or obedience/rally.

Must include conformation and one of the scent disciplines (field/hunt or tracking)

Must include a minimum of five (5) VC points from one discipline, three (3) points from a second discipline, and two (2) from a third discipline (a minimum combination of 5-3-2 VC points in the three disciplines).

VC points are not cumulative within a discipline. Only the points from the highest-ranking title in a discipline are counted. For example, a UD entitles a dog to six (6) points. No additional points are earned from his CDX and CD titles.

Points for earning partial titles are accepted for conformation and field trialing.

It is required that all owners be members of the BHCA.

Option 2

Earn eleven (11) VC points from a minimum of 4 of the following disciplines:

conformation, field trialing/hunt test, tracking, agility, or obedience/rally.

Must include conformation and one of the scent disciplines (field/hunt or tracking).

Must include a minimum of five (5) VC points from one discipline and two (2) VC points from three other disciplines (a minimum combination of 5-2-2-2 in the four disciplines).

Partial titles may not be included in the 5-2-2-2 requirement, but may be used in addition to the earned 5-2-2-2 combination for the purpose of meeting the conformation requirement.

Same as #4 of Option 1.

Same as #6 of Option 1.


Versatility Certificate Excellent (VCX)

Earn the VC.

Earn at least fourteen (14) VC points in a minimum of three disciplines.

Must include a minimum combination of 5-4-2.

No partial titles will be counted towards the 14 points.

The therapy discipline may be used to earn the VCX as long as other VCX requirements are met.


Grand Versatility Certificate Excellent (GVCX)

This certificate is awarded for earning the CH as well as any two of the following titles:





A completed "Basset Hound Club of America Versatility Certificate Program Application for Certificate," plus necessary verifications as described below, shall be submitted to the Chairperson of the BHCA Versatility Certificate Program. The name and address of this person will be regularly published, along with that of their standing committee chairpersons, in Tally-Ho



It will be the responsibility of the person making the application to include the necessary verification with the application. These will consist of the following:

For AKC titles or Certificates or BHCA titles, either:

Photocopies of the document provided by AKC or BHCA

Copies of the AKC Gazette pages indicating that these titles were earned. Be sure all publication dates and page numbers are included.

Copy of the Summary of Title Progression from the AKC web site

For points earned toward partial completion of a title, either:

Copies of the AKC Gazette pages indication the points earned or

Copy of the Summary of Title Progression from the AKC web site



Upon receipt of a properly completed application, along with pertinent documents, the Chairperson will complete a VERSATILITY CERTIFICATE, which will be signed by the BHCA President and the Versatility Program Chairperson. The names of the Basset Hound and owners will be published in the next issue of Tally-Ho. At that point, the initials “VC”, “VCX”, or “GVCX” may be used after the dog’s name in advertisements or publications.



Revision Approved by BHCA Board August, 2011