Register of Merit

The Register of Merit is awarded by the Basset Hound Club of America to the top producing Basset Hound Sires and Dams who have offspring finishing AKC titles in conformation, obedience, field trials, or tracking. The title "ROM" following a basset's registered name designates a sire or dam has produced several get who have been successful in finishing AKC title. Refer to the Eligiblity Form for specifics. BHCA members who own these hounds are given an award at the annual meeting in October.

The ROM Eligibility Form is now available on-line for download.  The form has been set up in Adobe Acrobat and can either be filled out on your computer or printed out and handwritten.

Download ROM Eligibility Form Here



Current Register of Merit Listing
(Sires and Dams Qualifying Through 2016)



CH Abbot Run Valley Asa
CH Abbot Run Valley Brassy
CH Abbot Run Valley Crackerjack
CH Abbot Run Valley Gomer
CH Abbot Run Valley Rocket
CH Abbyroad Castlehill's St. Patrick
CH All My Life Great White Hope RA
CH Ambrican Barrabus
GCH Ambrican Errol Flynn
CH Ambrican Lipizzan
CH Andre Of Greenly Hall
CH Ann Dean's Mag Wheels
CH Anthony Of St Hubert
CH Barbara's J P Morgan LeClair
CH Barnyard Barney X, CD
CH Barnyard O'South Morgan
CH Bay Manor’s Encore of JJ
CH Bar-B Buckets O'Sullivan
CH Bar-B Honest Abe
CH Bassbarr Clubclass
CH Bassbarr Harvey Wallbanger
CH Bassett's Barry De Belleau
CH Bassett's Roustabout
CH Bay Manor's Sterling
CH Bear Acres Mister George
CH Beartooth Raymond
CH Beartooth Victor
CH Beaujangles J P Beaureguarde
CH Beaujangles Ten
CH Beaujangles Tenspeed Lloyal
CH Beclove Strike Twice
CH Beecee's Masquerade
CH Beechcliff Circus Maximus
CH Belbay Chevalier
CH Belbay Design
FC Beldean's King Kong Gladiator
CH Belleau's Pierre
CH Belyn's Roustabout
CH Bevlee's Davy Jones
CH Bevlee's Tom Sawyer
CH Birnam's Curry Of Craigwood
CH Birnam's Ollie Bobba
CH Birnam's One Mo' Thyme Magnum
CH Birnam's Rising Son Alfie
GCH Birnam's Sweet Tea
CH Blackie's Bleemer
CH Blaznsaddl Sanlyn T'Bone Walker
CH Blue Billy Bojangles
CH Blu-Line Not in Kansas
CH Bluvali Erin
CH Bobac Titan of Birnam
CH Bobbar's Gumbo File
FC Bonnie's Lil Abner
CH Bone-A-Part David Copperfield
DC Branscombe's Good Intentions
FC Branscombe Pavarotti
DC Branscombe's Trumpeter
CH Brasstax Robin Of Locksley
CH Brendan's ArCH Deacon
CH Briarcrest Kicker O'Lil Creek
CH Briarpatch's Soldier Boi
Ch, Brierwood Galileo
CH Briea-Craigwood Over the Top
Brooksides I am A JJ Too
CH Bugle Bay's Bouillon CDX TD
CH Bugle Bay's FIve Alarm Chili
CH Bugle Bay's Flapjack O'Harerun TD
CH Bugle Bay's Indian Corn
CH Bugle Bay's Kolache
CH Bugle Bay's Meatball
CH By U Cals Braveheart
CH By-U-Cal's Cajun Cousin
CH By-U-Cals Manhattan
CH Carana B Nickelby O'Birchcroft
FC Carl's Baby
FC Carl's Little Fellow
CH Casey Of Kazoo
CH Castlehill's Showboat
CH Castlehill's Art Deco
CH Castlehill's Top Spot
CH Charton’s Favorite Boy
CH Chasan's Retum To Sender
CH Cheers Playboy
CH Chmar's Cough N'Cold
FC Choconut Valley Ruffian
DC CJ's Keepin' The Faith
FC Clancy James
CH Cloverhill Jeremiah Bramwell
CH Cloverhill-Topsfield Cable Cars
CH Coran Country Chaz
CH Coran's My Pick O'George
CH Corkery's Abercrombie
CH Craigwood-Baywind Hot Java
CH Craigwood's Cash Flow Of Belyn
CH Craigwood Higin of Switchbark
CH Craigwood's Reese
CH Craigwood's Skidaddle
CH Craigwood's Sleepy Eye Joe
CH Craigwood Solow Hobby Knox
CH Dan-D's Gimli Of Sanchu
CH Darwin's Hermanz
CH Deacon Of Rockin-Pas
CH De-Alo's Herman
CH De-Alo's Lehi Fyre Dragon
CH De-Alo's Lucky Bee
FC Deepgrass Oliver Wendell
CH Deer Hill's Chance Connection
CH Deer Hill’s Great Gatsby
CH Deer Hill's Woodstock
Deer Hill's Rebel Rouser
CH Dixie's Queso Grande
FC Dohrshire's Andy
CH Dragon Thunder Von Skauton
CH Duffy Of Hahs-C-Enda
CH Elysian Buster Larkspur
CH Elysian Sweet William
CH Fassett's Giacomino, CD
CH Feenrich's Doktor Quincy
CH Felix Of Le Chenil
Ferge's O'Connor's Bugle
CH Fletcher Hill Maredge Rock
CH Fort Merrill Ambrican Dale
CH Fort Merrill Howie Man-Zill
GCH Fort Merrill Shot In The Dark
GCH Fort Merrill Topsfield Yahoo
CH Forestbay Montgomery
Forestbay Orvil Of Manor Hill
CH Fort Merrill Foxglen Stealer
CH Fort Merrill Man in Black
CH Four Oaks Switchbark Damion
CH Foxglen Delta Force
CH Foxglen Special Forces
FC Friendbrook Frank
CH Friend Brook Maynard
CH Geronimo Of Rockin-Pas
CH Gin Dic's Bit O'Brass
CH Gin Dic’s On The Other Hand
CH Glenhaven's Butcher Boy
CH Glenhaven's Lord Jack
CH Halcyon Crackerjack
CH Halcyon Hat Trick
CH Halcyon Lochopt Letterman
CH Halcyon Tailgater
CH Hallmark Malcolm
CH Hamilton Van Hollandheim
CH Harper's Rhett Butler
CH Hartland's What's Cooking
CH Heine Von Skauton
CH Heirline Wing Walker TD
CH Hiflite Briarcrest Extra Man
CH Hiflite's Kentucky Wonder
CH Hiflite's Tomfoolery
CH His Lordship Of Lyn-Mar Acres
CH Huey Of Cypress
CH Ingram's Kasper
CH Jagersven Huckleberry Fin
CH Jercat's Talk Of The Town
CH JEM General Patton CD
CH Jolly Time GQ Of Cloverhill
CH Kahl Me Olde Fashion Alpine
CH KasKade's Gone With The Wind
CH Kelly's Major Topic
CH Kaleidoscope's Code Breaker CD RE OAP NJP
CH Ladiga Tombigee Of Elysian
CH Lil' Creek Briarcrest Top Gun
CH Lime Tree Micawber
CH Lloyal's Dirty Hary
CH Lochopt Rum Rikki
CH Lochopt's Halcyon Collegian
CH Lochopt Saxoy Stile
CH Lochopt Slumber Full Circle
CH Long View Acres Smokey
CH Long View Acres Uncle Ed
CH Longhom's Express Delivery
CH Look's Choice
FC Lowrie's Casey
Lyn-Mar Acres Demarch 
CH Lyn-Mar Acres End Man
CH Lyn-Mar Acres Extra Man
Lyn-Mar Acres Journeyman
CH Lyn-Mar Acres M'Lord Batuff
CH Lyn-Mar Acres Press Agent
CH Lyn-Mar Acres Top Brass
CH Manor Hill Father James
CH Manor Hill Fringe Benefit
CH Manor Hill Top Spot
CH Margem Hills Mr Brown
CH Margil Mr Ribbons O'Tailgate
CH Marlings John Wayne Orosebud
CH Mattie's Quercus
CH Me-Don's Cloverhill Encore
CH Me-Don's Ol'South's Top Priority
FC McWilliams John Henry
CH Mildonn's Sir Basil Of Bimam
CH Mon Phillippe Of Greenly Hall
CH Moonbeam's Astronomer
CH Morningwood Beaumont
CH Morningwood's Ulysses S. Grant
CH Musicland's Bill Bailey
CH Musicland's Casey Jones
CH Musicland's Country Music
CH Musicland's Houdini
CH Musicland's Mountain Dew
CH Musicland's Mountain Music
CH Musicland's Mozart
CH Musicland's Old Fashion Tramp
CH Musicland's Pool Shark
CH Musicland's Prince
CH Musicland's Rovin' Gambler
CH Musicland's Spike Jones
CH Musicland's Valentino
CH Nancy Evans Billy The Kid
CH Nancy Evans Double Cross
CH New Old Fashion V Hollandhein
CH Newton's Big Wheel
CH No Problem Daniel
CH Northwood's The Diplomat
CH Obie's Ziggy Of Huffman Hill
CH Olde Fashion Spats
CH Ol'South's Me-Don's Lewis
CH Ol'South's Stonewall Antonio
CH Orangepark Dexter
CH Orangepark Eustace
CH Oranpark Grover
CH Oranpark Keith
CH Penkay's Bullwinkle J. Blurox
CH Pettits Blue Steel
FC Pettit's Irish Ruffian
FC Pettit's Jesse
FC Pettit's McDandy
FC Pettit's Nice And Easy
DC Pettit's Ranger Ric
FC Pettit's Scarecrow
FC Pettit's Sherlock Holmes
FC Pettit's Trapper
CH Peppy's Top Seranade Of Shadbo
CH Pinedell's Erik
FC Pleasant Run Sounder
CH Pyperwynd I M Reddie Freddie
C h. Rabbit Run Dexter
CH Rabbit Run Cooperstown
CH Ranchound's Alfred B Agony
CH Ramblebriar's Local Broker
CH Rebec's Leviathan
Redemption Rock Josh
GCH Reveille’s Fiesta of Scottland
CH Rivendell Sanlyn Midnite Special
CH Rosebud's J R Ewing
Rosebud's Jesse James
CH Rosebud's The Fonz
FC Rosie's Bill
FC Rosie's Jeff
FC Rosie's Red Boy
CH Rossingham Barrister
CH Sanchu;s Bacardi
CH Sanchu's Clearly Canadian
CH Sanchu's Sour Mash
CH Sanlyn's Classic Cruiser
CH Sanlyn's Classic Ten O'Bayland
FC Sanrob's Reginald
CH Santana-Mandeville Gigolo
CH Santana-Mandeville J P Morgan
CH Santana-Mandeville Rodney
CH Santana-Mandeville Tarzan
CH Santana's Count Dracula
CH Sasquatch Double Exposure
CH Sasquatch Panhandler
CH Sasquatch Shot in the Dark
CH Scheel's First Edition
CH Sheiler's Reagan
CH Sheiler's Rob Roy
CH Shoefly’s Joshua Bennett
CH Shoefly's Kahlua N'Cream
CH Shoefly's MacNish
CH Shoefly's Peter Dawson
CH Shoefly's Tullamore Dew
CH Sidney P Beaureguarde
CH Siefenjagenheim Dominoe
CH Siefenjagenheim Lazy Bones
CH Silvan Switchbark Moses 
CH Silver Bow's Cloverhill Tramp
CH Sir Tomo Of Glenhaven
CH Sitruc's Onyx Knight
FC Slipery Hill Meyers Mite
Slipery Hill Quixote
CH Slow Poke Hubertus
CH Soundtrack Roll Me Away
CH Southlake Wailin' Willie, CD
CH Speis O Lif’s Artful Dodger
CH Speis O Lif's Reed I Rowe
CH Speis O Lifs Smooth Operator
GCH Splash's The Professor
CH Splash's Wild Thing
CH Standpine's Johnny Concho
CH Stonewall JFK
CH Stonewall On The Blu-Line
Stoneybluff Basil
Stoneybluff Chalemagne
CH Stoneybluff Monarch 
CH Stoneybluff Sylvester
CH Sujumar's Yogi Barr
CH Switchbark's Ashmore
CH Switchbark's Craigwood Amen
CH Tailgate Black Bart
DC Tailgate Desert Sands
CH Tailgate Hoot Gibson
DC Can CH Tailgate Lightning Jack MHE
CH Tailgate Quigley
CH Tal-E-Ho's Hot Diggity
CH Tal-E-Ho's Prancer
CH Tal-E-Ho's Top Banana
CH Tal-E-Ho's Top Choice
Tal-E-Ho's Trooper George
CH Tamzil's TCR Bronson of Noslo
CH Tantivy Dunkirk
CH The Editor’s Guido
CH The Ring's Ali Baba
CH The Ring's Cholmoudley
CH Thompson's Dusty Trail
CH Thompson's Rusty Dusty
CH Thompson's Smooth Victory
Thompson's Sonofajack
GCH 3 Oaks Hope's Legacy Kaboom
CH Tommy's Cousin Geo O'Glenhaven
CH Top-O-Line Stonewall Jackson
GCH Topsfield Maredge Earl Gray
CH Topsfield-Sanchu Hawaiian Punch
GCHB Topsfield-Sanchu Pop Art O'Bridi
CH Touchstone's Beam Me Up Scotty
CH Touchstone's Buster Keaton
CH Touchstone's Spencer Tracy
CH Trumbull's Oakley Monster DG
CH Trumbull's Sherlock Holmes
CH Vahhala's Special Issue, CD
CH Viclee's Charlie PV Brown
CH Willstone Harvey
CH Winchuck So Sorry Charley
CH Windamohr's Gamble
CH Windamohr's Prodigal Son
CH Woodstock Dealer Diggs
FC Zappia's Barney De Bassett

CH Abbot Run Valley Gem
CH Ador's Charleston Charmer
CH Amazing Grace Of Craigwood
CH Ambrican Charmaine
Ambrican Upstart
CH Ann Dean's Blossom Of Magnolia
GFC Atwater Bayshore Gem
Babette Of St Hubert
Bantrybeigh's Miss Havisham
CH Barb-B Cheyenne Red Dawn
CH Bar-B Golddigger Gotcha
CH Barnyard Cellblock Sally
Barnyard 3 Oaks And Company
GCH Barnyard 3 Oaks Spark Of Hope
CH Bassett's Dark Delite
CH Bassett's Eloisea
CH Bassett's Miss Wrinkles
CH Bayartois Amy
CH Bear Acres Just Plain Jane
CH Beartooth Opal
CH Beaujangles's Dun-D Boomerange
CH Beaujangles Think Blue
Beautiful Minnehaha
Beecee's Anne Sparks
CH Belbay Winning Look
Belyn's Jezebel Of Beaujangle
CH Betsy Ross XV
Bevlee's Athena
GCH Big League’s All The Way Mae
CH Birnam's Angel of Angelos
CH BoBac Roses Glory of Birnam
CH Bobac Duluxe of Switchstand
CH Bobac Isabella
CH Bodacious Lipizzazz
CH Bonamie Bella Of Craigwood
CH Bo-Na's Dot Barnyard Belle
CH Bone-A-Parts Black Velvet
Bone-A-Parts Miss Demeanor
Bone-A-Parts Rome-Ing Kizzy
CH Bone-A-Part Topsfield Tiz Tops
CH Bonnie Ridge Firebird
CH Boot Hills Savanna
FC Bose's Sowflake
CH Bossland Bittersweet
CH Bowler's Girl Of Golden West
CH Bowler's Old Fashioned
CH Bow Ridge's Liberty
CH Bracco Tiana Of Rockyridge
CH Brascombe Biana, TD
DC Branscombe Bugle Ann TD
Branscome Dancer, CD
DC Branscombe Dulcinea CD TD VC
Branscombe Gwyneth
FC Branscombe Horizon Heirline
CH Branscombe Portia, TD
CH Brendan's Fiona
CH Brendan's Vanessa
CH Brendan's Virginia Of Tara
CH Briarpatch's Blaze Of Glory
CH Briarpatch's Sweet Hyacinth
Briarpatch's Sweet Pea
CH Bricar's Midnight Lace
CH Bricars Morgan Lefay
FC Buck Creek Sand Hill
CH Bugle Bay's Amareto TD
DC Bugle Bay's Anise O'Stillhouse TD
Bugle Bay's Casserole CD
CH Bugle Bay's Flambe of Harerun TD
CH Bugle Bay's Olive Garden At Kuuipo CDX, RE
CH Bugle Bay's Sukiyaki
Bugle Bay's Waffles
CH By-U-Cal's Buttons
CH By-U-Cal's Freckles
GCH By-U-Cals Margarita
CH By-U-Cals Sabrina
CH Callaways Gretel
CH Candyland Stellar Legacy
CH Casey Chardonnay Alexander
CH Castlehills Abbyroad Taffe
CH Castlehill's Ava Gardener
GCH Castlehill's Ginger Snap
CH Castlehill's High Postage
CH Castlehill's Legally Blonde
GCH Castlehill’s Ten Cents A Dance
CH Castlehill's Totally Fur Sure
FC Cedartrail Marmee
FC Cedartrail Mona
Cedartrail Crystal Clear
FC Cedartrail Mona
Cedartrail Tina
Chasan's Honky Tonk Blues
CH Chasan's Marguerita O'Thompson
CH Chez Bonheur Ante-Bellum CD TDX VC
CH CJ's Down Under Rose O'Sanlyn CD CGC SHH
CH CJ's Sapphire
CH Classic Brio
CH Classic Panache
CH Classic Zephyr
Clio De Belleau
Clothilda Von Skauton
CH Concho's Senora Felicia
CH Coralwood's Broadway Taffy
CH Coran's Penelope O'George
Courtyards Kismet Of Hiflite
CH Craigwood All That Sparkles
CH Craigwood's Briea Unforgettable
CH Craigwoods Chelsea of Birnam
CH Craigwood's Dixie Melody
CH Craigwood Feliz CD
CH Craigwood's Four Oaks Sparkle
CH Craigwood Lasting Impression
Craigwood Solo Dixie Lady
Craigwood's Winter Rhapsody
Dailey's Sand Susie
Dazzler Van Hollandheim
CH De-Alo's Sable Of Dusan
Desiree Acres Razberi Zinger
Dixie's Sho'Nuff
FC Dohrshire's Twiggy
CH Dreamland Joy O'Morningwood
CH Duchdess Of Greenly Hall
Duchess Of Lyn-Mar Acres
CH Duncan Creek Rosie
CH Easter Of Elwill
CH Elysian Ivy Of Craigwood
Elysian Myrtle
CH Fany Of En-Hu
Falreout Aria
CH First Class Garnish D’Roux
Fogel-Rich's Prime Rate
CH Fort Merrill Fiasco
CH Fort Merrill Hot Lipz
CH Fort Merrill Mae West
Foxglen Dancin' Dolly
CH Foxglen Emily Brunner
CH Foxglen Red Hot Wheels
CH Foxglenn Princess Grace
FC Friendbrook's She's A Pepper
Gin Dic's Dream Pudding
CH Glenvue's Polite To Point
CH Gwedolyn Of Mandeville
CH Gynlyfyn's Rebeca
GCH Gypsy’s Twilight Rose Vickybe
CH Halcyon Farfelu Miracle O'Brstlecn
CH Hamlin's Missie
CH Hartland's Crystal
Hartshead Magnolia
FC Hasshund Portia
CH Headline Of Lyn-Mar Acres
CH Heartland's Jewel
CH Ingrams Hobbit Hill Daisy Mae
CH Jane Eyre P Beaureguarde
CH JEM Lil Red Delicious
CH Jercat's Ballou
Jercat's Lily Langtry
Jercat's Rave Review
Kahl Me Pretty Pretty Girl
GCH Kaskade Never Met Picasso
CH Kazoo's Flora Tina
CH Kazoo's Frances
CH Kazoo's Question Mark
CH Kelmic's Tator Tot
CH Kimber's Go For Gin
Kinslow's Due Bill
CH Kaleidoscope's True Colors
CH Lady Bird Klutch
CH Laguna's Eleaor Roosevelt
CH LeClair's Magnolia
CH Leifland's Born For Love
CH Leifland's Iz The Wiz
CH Leslie P Beaureguarge
CH Lil Bit Like Orange Blossom
CH Lil' Creek Additional Premium
CH Lillian P Beaureguarde
CH Lloyal's Moon Beam
CH Long View Acres Donna
CH Long View Acres Frannie
CH Long View Acres Gold Nugget
Long View Acres Simba
CH Longhorn Hot Blues-Cool Jazz
CH Longhorn's All That Jazz
CH Longhorn's Bellameade
CH Longhorn's Peggy Sue
Look's Bashful
FC Lowrie's Taffy
Lu How's Winnipesaukee
Lyn-Mar Acres Lonesome
CH Lyn-Mar Acres Michelle
CH Manor Hill Love Unlimited
CH Maredge Sasbet Anagram
Margem Hills Fair Lady
Margem Hills Hustlin' Harriet
FC McWilliams' Dixie Buttercup
FC McWilliams' Dixie Cup
FC McWilliams' Lu Wheez
FC McWilliams' Mint Julep
CH Me-Don's Country Girl
Miss Jenny Magoo
CH Morningwood Bearcreek Alexis
CH Musicland's Adagio Contralto
CH Musicland's Annabel Lee
CH Musicland's Clinging Vine
CH Musicland's Hit Song
CH Musicland's Jessamine
CH Musicland's Jolene
CH Musicland's Morning Glory
CH Musicland's Oh Atlanta
CH Musicland's Opal
CH Musicland's Poinciana
CH Musicland's Ravishing Ruby
CH Musicland's Rosemarie
CH Musicland's Southem Comfort CD TD
CH Musicland's Tico Tico
CH My Luv's Blossom
CH Nancy Evans Redskin
FC No Problem Pricilla
CH Notrenom's Housaboutdot
CH Nokenom's Mozette Of Russta
CH Oakae's Just Dessert CD
CH Ol' South's Sookie Stackhouse
CH Ol' South's Tri-M's Making Whoopee
CH Olde Fashion Candyland Rag Doll
CH Olde Fashion Burnin' Desire
CH Olde Fashion Bustle
CH Olde Fashion La Rose Bon Femme
CH Olde Fashion La Salle CD
CH Olde Fashion Little Lulu
Olde Fashion Wild Irish Rose
GFC Party Time Red Beauty
CH Penkay's Ol' South Honolulu
FC Perkiomen Songbird
FC Pettit's Irish Dream
FC Pettit's Irish Spring
GFC Pettit's Katelyn
FC Pettit's McMurphy
FC Pettit's Meadow Lark
Pettit's Phyllis
FC Pettit's Rare Treat
FC Pettit's So Long Cincinnati
Pettits Maine Attraction
CH Pinedell-Rhinelan Gretchen
Poverty Knob's Tribute To Maz
Que Sera B's Debutante
R Paws Redd E Set Go
CH R Paws Snowflake Obsidian, CD, CGC
CH Rabbit Run Aspen of Turo
CH Rabbit Run Charlotte
Rabbit Run Tallahassee
Rabbit Run Emily
CH Rabbit Run Romeo’s Juliette
CH Ran-Su's Fanny Farmer
CH Rebec's Fuzzy Navel ROM CGC
CH Rebec's Moody Blues
CH RedBay's Heaven to Betsy
CH Reelglen's A Minor Calamity
Renaissance Mona Lisa
CH Reppa's Sassy Cassy
Rey Mar's Jalepena Salsa, CDX
CH Richardson's Autumn Fire
Rio Vista Minnie Haha
CH Rivendell's Bijou Rouge
CH Rivendell's Bodacious Onyx
CH Rivendell Sanlyn First Class
CH Rivendell Sanlyn Heaven Sent
DC Rivercity Absolute Adventure
CH Riverlane Ricochet Romance
FC Rocki Creek Faith
CH Rome-ing Polka O'Thompson
CH Rome-ing Mary Louweezee
CH Rosebud's Dale Evans
CH Rosebud's Farrah Fawcett
CH Rosebud's Misty Mom
CH Rosebud's Pleasure
CH Rosehill's July's Tiffaney
FC Rosie's Genny
FC Rosie's Gentle
Samantha Millisa
CH Sanchu's Bagatelle
CH Sanchu's Creme De Mocha
CH Sanchu's Sarah
CH Sanlyn's Condition Red
CH Sanlyns Jenna Luv Of Tailgate
CH Santanna-Mandeville Phoebe
CH Sara Bayburnhart
CH Sasquatch American Dream
CH Sasquatch Cost A Plenty
CH Sasquatch Easter Parade
CH Sasquatch Sparkle Plenty
CH Sasquatch The Wind Mariah
CH Scamp's Ombre Rose
CH Scheilar's Serena
CH Sedgwick's Maureen O'Hara
CH Shadow's Snow White
Shoefly's Kahlua 'N Coffee
CH Shoefly's Kahlua N'Cream
Shoefly's Mint Julep
CH Silvan Hilbilly Winter Rose
Silvan Rose is 'ROSE
CH Silver Bow's Guinevere
Silver Bow's Red Dove
Situc's Annie Oakley
Sleepyeye ButterscotCH Drop
FC Slippery Hill Gegenschein
FC Slippery Hill Moonshine
FC Slippery Hill Prudence
CH Solow’s Agatha Twisty Two
CH Solows Magnabid O Craigwood,TD
CH Southlake Kinsey M, TD
Southlake Meg
Southlake Miss Hayley
CH Speis O Lif’s Gypsy
CH Speis O Lif's Mrs. Calabash
CH Speis O Lif’s Sassafras
CH Splash's Surfer Girl
Dual CH Stillhouse Abigail, CD, TDX
CH Stonewall Divine Miss M
CH Stonewall Fantasy
CH Stonewall Ol'South Dolores
CH Stoneybluff Prairie Flower TD
Stoneybluff Spring Rain
Stoneybluff Vertigo
Susy Blue Ridge
CH Switchstand's Broadway Lt
CH Sylvia Jane P Beaureguard
CH Symphony's Diva
CH Symphony's Ovation
CH Tailgate Carmen Miranda
CH Tailgate Daphne
CH Tailgate Magnolia
Tailgate Reba Kincade
Tailgate Stars & Stripes 4Ever
CH Tailgate Trootsagama
Tal-E-Ho's Bubbles
CH Tal-E-Ho's Fiesta
CH Tal-E-Ho's Lotus
CH Tal-E-Ho's Red Pepper
Tal-E-Ho's Sabrina
CH Tal-E-Ho's Scamp
CH Tangy V Holladheim
Tantine's Easter Candy
Tantivy Blonde Sidonia
CH Tess Von Skauton CD
CH Thompson's Copper-Peg
CH Thompson's Fancy Lady O'Chasan
CH Toby's Tristesse
CH Topsfield Maredge Splenda
CH Topsfield Peppermint Patty
CH Topsfield-Sanchu Biscotti
CH Touchstone's Dawgzilla
CH Touchstone Driving Miss Daisy
GCH Tri-M's Some Like It Hot
Trigold's Mistletoe
Tumbleweed's Party Doll
CH Underhill's Peppermint Pattie CD
Vahhala's Harriet
Vahhalla's Miss Print
CH Vahhala's Retsof Diana
Ventura Abbey Von Skauton
CH Viclee's Muffin Jacobsen
CH Vision Keep the Faith
CH Vision Sing My Praises
DC Vision Topsfield Love Comes Softly
CH Vogue's Daffodil
CH Vogue's Sophisticated Lady
CH Wagtail's Mischief Maker
CH Webb's Black Amanda
CH Westwind Miz Jemima
CH Windmaker's Sadiron Connie
GCH Woebegon’s Kickapoo Joy Juice
CH Woodhaven's Grace Under Fire
CH Woodhaven's Symphony
CH Woodhaven's Tickle My Fancy
CH Woodhaven's Winds of Ka'Imiloa
CH Woodhaven's Windy City 
Woodstock Thalia
Wrinkles Von Skauton
Wudeclif's Desdemona